07 April

Device Management

Device management is another major function of an operating system. In the device management task of the operating is to manage I/O and storage devices such as printers, card readers, tapes, disk and supporting devices such as the control unit and control channel. The major tasks of the operating system with respect to device management […]

24 March

Virtual Memory

Virtual memory is a mechanism that creates the illusion of having a very big main memory. With the concept of virtual memory, the user can store processes with size bigger than the available main memory

20 October

Loading Data in the Database

It is always a hassle and time consuming to create a table in the database and insert the values in it manually. Most of the time we want a predefined data to be used for analyzing the database queries This article describes how to load data with Oracle Database 10g Express Edition. Furthermore, loading data […]

11 October

Top 10 Dataset Repositories

Most of the time we want a predefined dataset to be used for analyzing the database queries. It is quite hard to find a good dataset repository for different projects like database, data science, machine learning. If you have ever worked on some database project, you’ve probably have spent most of your time browsing the […]