20 January

Loops(for while until) in Shell Scripting

Loops(for, while, until) in shell scripting are used to perform an operation multiple time. A loop is a portion of code that repeats (iterates) a set of commands till the loop control condition is true. For Loop in Shell Scripting The for loop in shell script has two syntax: Syntax 1: for variable in values […]

11 October

Using Variables in Shell Scripting

Variables are nothing but a placeholder for storing some value or data. Referencing the value of the variable is called variable referencing. Next, we will learn about using variables in shell scripting. How to assign value to a variable? The synatx for using a variable in shell scripting is simple variable_name=value Remember: Never give space […]

07 October

What is Shell Scripting?

A Shell script is a nothing but a sequence of commands written to achieve a specific task. For example: echo “script to create a file”touch File1echo “File created” What is the need of Shell Script? A script helps to automate tasks. For instance, if you are required to execute 20 commands every day, you will […]