26 June

How to search for files in Linux?

Sometimes you want to apply command on several files or a subset of files. For example, you want to delete all files whose name starts with “TH”. So there are two ways to do it. One, you delete them one by one or you specify some pattern which matches all files starting with “TH”. In […]

24 June

How to create files using touch command in Linux?

In this post we focus on How to use touch command in Linux? Use touch command is used to update the timestamp of a file or directory. Timestamp means that it will update the access and modification times of the file or directory specified. Syntax touch [OPTION]…[FILE]… Example of How to use touch command in […]

21 June

How to use ls command in Linux?

Use ls command in Linux is used to list the directory contents. If a directory name is not specified then the contents of the current working directory are displayed. Syntax ls [OPTION]… [FILE]… Example of How to use ls command in Linux? First, we use ls without specifying any directory name. So it displays the […]