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Prerequisites For Learning Linux

Planning to learn Linux! Wonder what you all hardware, software or personal skills to require before you begin. So, lets discuss the prerequisites for learning Linux.

What is Linux?

Linux is an open-source Operating System which helps you to operate your computer/laptop. So, its objective is similar to that of Windows/macOS. There are many Linux distributions available to choose from. A distribution consists of Linux Kernel plus a set of add-on applications (like browsers, text editors, music players etc) which makes the user’s tasks easy.

Software Required for Linux

So, an obvious requirement to learn Linux is the Linux operating system. So, you need to get hold of a Linux distribution. The most popular ones are:
1. Ubuntu
2. Fedora
3. Red Hat Enterprise Linux
4. CentOS
5. openSUSE
6. Kali

You need to have the setup file of any of these distributions. I would personally recommend using Ubuntu as you find the setup free to download from its website. It also provides 5 years of support if you choose the LTS version(which is also free). As a beginner, you won’t find much difference between these distributions so you can go with anyone

Hardware Required for Linux

Although the exact hardware requirement will depend upon the distribution that you choose to work with but the most general requirements are listed below:
1. Processor – 2GHz
2. RAM – 4GB
3. Hard-Drive Space – 20GB
4. VGA with 1024×768 screen resolution
5. CD/DVD drive or a USB port for installer media

Internet Access will be an add-on.

What Personal Skills you require?

So, have you done programming before? Have you ever used Linux before? Ever installed an OS before?

None of these matter. There are no prerequisites to learning Linux. The only thing you need is the desire to learn something new.

How to Install Linux?

There are basically three methods to start using Linux:

1. Using the Windows Subsystem for Linux

With this option you can run the command line mode of Ubuntu, Kali, SUSE within Windows 10 just like any other software

Prerequisites for learning linux

2. Using a Virtual Machine

It involves two steps. First, to install either Virtual Box/VMWare software and then to install Linux within it.

3. Separate Boot Partition

Install Linux in a separate partition and run with Windows in dual boot mode.

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